Volunteering for the Winter Project

Volunteering for the Winter Project

VOLUNTEERING gives me that feel good feeling

My name is Bob and I’ve been volunteering for about 12 years now.

I first started volunteering because once I had retired I had more time on my hands.

After I had moved to Clacton and had settled in I started looking for something to do.

That’s when I found organisations in the area needing help and volunteers.

My main role is IT support on a Friday for CVST, which I really enjoy.

Each year I also usually help at the Victorian Christmas Market in Clacton. The event has stalls raising money for all sorts of causes selling Christmas items. You can do your shopping and raise money for charity at the same time.

But my volunteering work began when I started with Helping Hands, driving for them.

And while I was doing that I got involved with CVST and the IT support.

But then I saw that the Resilience Team at CVST needed volunteers too, so I offered to help.

The project is seasonal and they needed people for events and deliveries etc, which was perfect for me. I had the skills they needed and I was happy to be able to help on the days I was free.

If anyone is thinking about volunteering for the winter project, or any type of volunteering, then I would absolutely recommend it

Volunteering gives me a purpose to get up and go out in the morning.

I enjoy meeting people and I enjoy helping people, which I do now I’m volunteering.

It feels good to go out and help people, especially when I volunteered for the Harwich Winter Warmers.

I drove the van this year and seeing the people who genuinely were overjoyed at getting some help in these difficult times is something special.

The Winter Project offers free winter packs for people in need, as well as advice and support to help them get through the cold months.

Some people were really worried this year about meeting the costs of their bills to heat their homes and buy food.

To see the look on their faces and their thanks for our help is very rewarding.

That’s the best part of volunteering

At Walton I help with IT support, and it’s great to be able to share my skills with people who need a bit of help understanding their phone or getting something on their tablet to work.

It’s just that little bit of support but it can really help them.

CVST has so many activities and groups and ways you can volunteer. Whatever your skills or preference is, there’s likely to be something you can volunteer to help with.

And you’ll have a great time doing it too.

CVST also runs the Tendring part of Volunteer Essex so you can get help finding volunteering for other organisations too.

To me, volunteering is a brilliant use of my time and I’m so pleased I took it up. I enjoy what I do and it brings more to my life for being a part of something like the winter project or IT group or Christmas market.




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