The Cultural Awareness Project

Cultural Awareness Project

Our Cultural Awareness Team assists and supports multicultural and ethnically diverse members of our Tendring community. We do this by identifying where services for the minority group community members are lacking. We always grab the first opportunity arisen to come up with activities that enhance their wellbeing, and celebrate their diverse ethnic backgrounds. We can offer:

    Come and join us at:

    • Eastern European Friendship Group and Coffee Morning – Monday, 10am-11.30am at CVST Lunch Club
    • Afro-Caribbean Drop-In group – Wednesday, 5pm – 7pm, Pier Avenue Baptist Church
    • Multicultural Ladies Seated Yoga, Wednesday, 1pm-2pm, £2, Clacton Imperial House, call 07707 282909
    • Muslim and Multicultural Sisters Circle – Thursday, 10am – 12pm, Clacton Imperial House, FREE event, 01255 425692
    • Dominoes Cafe – Wednesday, 9.30am – 11.30am at CVST Lunch Club (Starting April 17th)

    Meeting diverse needs

    The Cultural Awareness Project meets the needs of the diverse people which make up our community. All ethnicities, cultures, and religions. We’ll review existing services to ensure better inclusion and engagement with these communities. We hope to promote cultural awareness, and improve mental and physical health, as well as providing support, information and advice for all ages.

    What’s On?

    We’re always looking for people with life experience to join our groups and forums. Why? Because we need to discuss the disproportional health inequalities that people from Black African/Caribbean, Asian and all ethnic backgrounds have faced. Or they currently face. We’d welcome involvement from:

    • Multicultural Health and Wellbeing Steering Forum
    • Black Men’s Health and Positive Life Choices
    • Your Maternity Journey
    • Hate Crime Awareness
    • My Diabetes Plan – Ask me Anything
    • Minorities in Business (MiB) Tendring

    If you’d like to get involved, please call us on 01255 425692 or email us at


    The Goals of The Cultural Awareness Project


    For us to understand the lived experience and the impact of this on an individual’s health and life chances we are continuing to start conversations with community groups, charities, businesses and individuals. 


    We are always working with local community groups and individuals when possible in offering any support they require.


    Engagement with VCS and Health Leaders

    With the work that the project is doing we are beginning to receive high levels of interest in the new focus on this area in Tendring to understand the health cultural needs of our community. We are collaborating with VCS charities, NHS focus groups and Band Foundations.

    Self Care Activities Promoted

    Understanding pathways to better health through exercise, diet and practicing healthy lifestyles.

    Health Awareness Activities

    We pride ourselves in offering an ear for all individuals and families to listen, consult and feedback health issues and work with finding ways on how to resolve these.

    We offer many focus groups and forums which enables us to look into specific areas in the hope for a more effective outcome. The groups we have available are:

    • Multicultural Health and Wellbeing Steering Forum
    • Black Men’s Health and Positive Life Choices
    • Your Maternity Journey
    • Hate Crime Awareness
    • My Diabetes Plan – Ask me Anything
    • Minorities in Business (MiB) Tendring


    Building Stronger More Inclusive Communities

    The aim of the project is to raise the issues faced by diverse communities and to ensure pathways of support are built alongside the community, and there is clear integration across cultures. Including the voices of cultural communities and having inclusive and enlightened dialogue that builds trust


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